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Entrepreneurship Forum

01 Jun 2023
ICC Capital Suite Room 6/13
Gastone Ciuti - Entrepreneurship Forum Co-Chair
Tamás Haidegger - Entrepreneurship Forum Chair and IAB Workshop MFG for robotics startups Chair
Peter Childs, Professorial Lead; Co-Director; Chairperson - Engineering Design; Energy Futures Lab, Imperial College London; BladeBUG Ltd, Q-Bot Ltd
Marco Controzzi, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
Michela Cristofolini, Operations Manager - Pariter Partner S.r.l.
Roland Siegwart, Professor for Autonomous Mobile Robots - ETH Zurich
Massimiliano Simi, Executive Vice President R&D; Co-Founder - MMI - Medical Microinstruments, Inc.
Joanne Wong, General Partner - Chair - REDDS Capital - EEE Entrepreneurship
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