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Highlights of the Day

01 Jun 2023
South Gallery Room 17/18

ICRA is breaking boundaries this year with an innovative hybrid format that delivers an immersive experience to both in-person and online attendees. With all oral events being live-streamed, the conference is bringing together a global community like never before. And for the first time in conference history, Highlights of the Day will be offered, allowing everyone to catch up on the day's main events and engage in discussions moderated by a professional host. The online audience can even participate via chat, making this the most inclusive and interactive ICRA conference yet!

Claire and Steve, our dynamic hosts, will engage in captivating conversations with renowned robotics experts in the field. Together, they will delve into the daily proceedings, exploring the mesmerising world of plenaries, thought-provoking keynotes, prestigious award sessions, cutting-edge poster presentations, inspiring robotics outreach initiatives, thrilling competitions, revolutionary prosthetics for low-income countries, and awe-inspiring robotics art installations. Prepare for a journey through the very essence of robotics innovation!

Steve Cross, Founder - Science Showoff
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