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ICRA Programme




Keynote Session 3 - Human-Like Robots

31 May 2023
ICC Auditorium
Plenary and Keynote Sessions


Hiroshi Ishiguro (Professor) - Avatar and the future society

David Hanson - Humanistic AI and Robotics -- how developing humanlike robotics as a human-AI interface may align AI values towards a better future for life

Will Jackson - Real world applications for humanoid robots

Stelarc - Panellist

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Helen Czerski, Associate Professor - University College London
Ken Goldberg - University of California Berkeley
Hiroshi Ishiguro, Professor - ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratories
David Hanson, CEO - Founder - HansonRobotics
Will Jackson, CEO - Founder - EngineeredArts
S Stelarc
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