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ICRA Programme




RACE Workshop Robotics in Fusion Energy

31 May 2023
ICC Capital Suite Room 1

Robotics in Fusion Energy: what are the challenges and how can we face them?

Join this collaborative workshop to explore where advances in robotics can help solve the climate crisis and energy demands of the future by enabling fusion energy.

Getting commercially viable fusion energy on the grid is one of the greatest scientific and engineering challenges in history. Robotics plays an essential role in making fusion energy for the masses a reality, as fusion plants of the future will have to be remotely maintained by robots, to drive down costs and keep workers safe.

RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments) is the UK Atomic Energy Authority's robotics department. It's the world's leading fusion robotics laboratory, and designs, builds and tests robotic solutions for complex remote maintenance challenges in fusion and beyond.

Join RACE's research team to explore the core research challenges and themes, and chat with the organisation's lead technologists from mechanical engineering, electronics, cybernetics and more. In this open forum, share your knowledge, insights and contact information to build future collaborations and discover how you can take on the challenges of fusion robotics in your own work.

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