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Jasia Reichardt

Jasia Reichardt

JASIA REICHARDT is a writer on art and an exhibition organizer. She was Assistant Director of the ICA in London, 1963-71, and Director of the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1974-76. She has taught at the Architectural Association, as well as other colleges and wrote several books including Robots, Fact, Fiction and Prediction. She is principally interested in art that encroaches on science and has spent many years following up the connections between art and technology, including in her column in New Scientist. Among her exhibitions staged in Britain, the best known is Cybernetic Serendipity (1968), about the computer and the arts. During the 1990s she worked on Japan’s Art and Technology Biennale, ARTEC, in Nagoya, and in Tokyo, she curated an exhibition called Electronically Yours, in which the works of art communicated with the viewers. Her last exhibition dealing with art and technology, called Nearly Human, was about the history of artificial life. Her last book, just published, is Cybernetic Serendipity, Walk Around the Exhibition.