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ICRA 2023



Marc Raibert

Marc Raibert

Executive Director , Boston Dynamics AI Institute
Marc Raibert is the executive director of the AI Institute, a new research lab devoted to advancing both the intelligence of robots and their physical skills, and chairman of the board at Boston Dynamics.  Before founding Boston Dynamics in 1992, Raibert was a professor of computer science at CMU and MIT, where he created the LegLab, a laboratory that helped establish the scientific basis for highly dynamic robots.  Raibert is a Founding Fellow of AAAI, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, was named Pioneer in Robotics in 2022 by IEEE, and received the Engelberger Award in Technology.  Two of Raibert's robots, the One-legged Hopper and BigDog, were inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame.