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Please see below a list of Frequently Asked Questions, if you still require assistance please contact us on and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Does ExCeL have a nursing room? 

Yes, the family room can be found by S9. Inside has two changing mats, chairs for breastfeeding, a microwave to heat up baby food and a bottle warmer. It also contains a sink and toilet.

Does ExCeL have a prayer room? 

Yes, ExCeL London has a dedicated prayer room. The prayer room can be accessed through the grey door next to the S9 entrance on the boulevard.

I need to update my personal details.

You are able to update your personal information and associations by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner, then 'My Profile' and then 'Personal Information'. Please make sure to click 'Save' after any changes.

Can I pay via an invoice or bank transfer?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any alternative payment methods. All payments must be made by credit or debit card.

I’m having issues with my payment.

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your payment. 
Please contact your bank to ensure that the card being used is authorised for international payments and that it has a two-factor authentication enabled.

Should you wish to retry your payment, please return to your registration, follow the dropdown on the right of the black navigation bar (click on your name) and select My transaction from it. Then click on the Retry link to return to the payment page and you will be able to fill in your card details again.

I need a copy of my receipt.

Should you require to download your receipt, within your Paperplaza account, click on your name on the right side and select 'Transactions Receipts'. If you require for updated information to be on the receipt, you are able to update your personal information and associations under 'My Profile' and then 'Personal Information', once your information has been saved, please redownload your receipt.

I need VAT information added to my receipt.

If you need to add VAT information to your receipt, please click on your name on the right hand side and then ‘My Profile’ and then on the ‘Badge Information’ tab. Please put your information in the ‘Institutional Tax/VAT’ box. Once you have filled this in, click save and redownload your receipt.

I haven’t received my confirmation email.

The confirmation email is automatically sent out once the registration has been successful. Please look through your spam/junk folder to ensure that the email has not been filtered to spam. If you have more than one email address associated to your account, please check them as well.
If you have not received your confirmation email within a few hours of your registration, please let us know.

I need a VISA Invitation Letter to attend ICRA 2023.

Upon completing a successful registration, you will receive the link to request your VISA invitation letter in your confirmation email. Once you have filled in the required information, you will receive your letter within 2 working days to the email address associated with the request.

Please note the visa invitation letter does not exempt attendees from complying with all requirements regarding registration and payment for their participation, accommodation and travel. The ICRA Event Organisers take no responsibility should entry be denied by the UK Government.

To check your Visa requirements, please visit,

Any cancellations due to Visa refusal will be refunded according the cancellation policy.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to provide any Visa Invitation Letters to anyone that is not fully registered to attend the ICRA 2023 conference or accompanying people.

I have an accepted paper, do I need to attend in person?

At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the conference in person. If you are unable to attend, another author can present on your behalf.

Please note that all authors must be registered and final papers submitted by the 1st March 2023.

I want to cancel my accommodation booking, can I receive a refund?

Unfortunately, as per the terms and conditions after the 20th February 2023 we are not able to issue any refunds on any accommodation bookings.

Can I register for one day only?

Day registration will become available after the 2nd April 2023 and will be charged at £500 per day. 

Can I register to attend virtually?

Virtual registration will become available after the 2nd April 2023. Virtual registration includes access to available remote workshops and tutorials as well as the main conference.

If you have an accepted paper, at least one author must attend the conference in person. 

How do I upload my CV to the Access to Talent website? 

1. Register for ICRA 2023 


2. To submit your application, go to the Access to Talent page. You will need to create a new account and select a password.


2. Fill in the application details and enter 20 ICRA registration number. It can be found in your confirmation email under Access to talent.


3. Ensure that all the application fields are filled in and submitted separately.

What is your cancellation policy?

All refund requests must be made via email to

All cancellations received before 23rd April 2023 (23:59 PST) will be subject to a £25.00 cancellation fee.

Refunds for cancellations received after April 23, 2023 (23:59 PST) will only be made in exceptional circumstances. Any cancellations due to visa requests being denied will be refunded based on the cancellation terms above. You are able to change the name on the registration without penalty.